• The art of fibre to the home

    Vision Fibre Media will fund and install a state of the art Fibre to the Home network into your residential development. This will allow you to access ultra-fast Broadband with speeds of up to 1Gb together with Digital TV & Telephony packages. With lightning speed and incredible content, the possibilities are limitless. Register your interest today, and don't be the last to go ultra-fast...

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Ultra-Fast Broadband Services

Vision Fibre Media is proud to be different. Unlike the big players who offer Broadband services on a massive scale, our approach is wholly different. Our business is focussed solely on installing bespoke Fibre to the Home Networks into existing and proposed multi occupancy properties.

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  • Vision Lightning 1Gb Ultra-Fast Broadband Package

    In today's fast paced world, accessing communication and entertainment services on multiple devices is the norm. However, although the devices we use, tablets, Smart TV's, Smart Phones are state of the art, they are also very data hungry. Data transmissions require a lot of Bandwidth, and unfortunately the plain truth is that the old copper telephony networks (telephone lines) installed into all buildings simply were not designed for this purpose. That's where Fibre Optics come into their own. Made of glass, they use light to transmit voice and data signals at lightning speed and over massive distances.

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